Visitor Visa

Every year, Canada welcomes nearly 50 million people from different countries. You can visit Canada as a tourist, to see family and friends, or to do business. Whether you plan on visiting Canada for a few days or several months, you must meet some important immigration requirements. You can come to Canada as a tourist. During your stay, you’ll need enough money to support yourself and everyone included in your application.

The decision to issue a visitor visa is ruled by the Canadian embassy in the country of residence/citizenship of the applicant. This decision is based on several important factors: your financial conditions, your employment in your country of residence, and the confidence of the immigration officer that at the end of the visit, you will return to your country of residence and won’t stay in Canada illegally.

Most visitors to Canada may visit for up to 6 months on each entry. Visitors wishing to stay longer must apply for and be granted an extension.If you’re interested in obtaining a visitor visa to come to Canada, contact us and will help you fill out the required forms, and choose the right immigrations strategy for you.

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