Student Visa

Canada, New Zealand, USA, Britain, Switzerland, Cyprus and Australia offer tremendous opportunities in the field of higher education. The universities and colleges in these countries offer world class education.

For providing student visa services to its prospective students Across Border Visa Inc represents more than 30 of the leading institutions in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Across Border Visa Inc provides the best of its services through free presentation, one to one counseling, admission guidance, visa services, interview preparation, post landing facilities, airport pickup, arranging transit accommodation and finally we also run a unique orientation programme.

Students seeking admission will have to satisfy different criteria laid by the different immigration authorities apart from getting the clearance from the university or college they are seeking admission in. In the coming decade there would be more Indians in foreign universities than any other nationality. Across Border Visa Inc helps those seeking admission in the universities or colleges as well as those who have already got the acceptance letter to apply for the visa.