About Us

Across Border Visa Inc (ABV) has been in the public service since 1996 with the corporate office at Jalandhar, Punjab, India. It has successfully created lives of so many students and persons in the field of overseas education and immigration, and has become a true leader in this business

Across Border Visa Inc (ABV) is a company recognized by many countries in the world for its healthy participation and specialization in education and immigration. We operate through our affiliated offices in different parts of the country to provide education and immigration services to our clients’ at their doorstep. The corporate office and its branches are equipped with most modern facilities and with the state of the art communication network to enable efficient and result-oriented services. Our staff consists of dynamic and dedicated coordinators, honest and competent manpower, which are highly focused professionals with extensive experience at senior levels in overseas education and immigration. We not only guide you in regards to different opportunities and prospects available in various countries but also assist you through your entire process of applying for education and immigration to the final visa and overseas settlement.

In India, ABV is representing top most international universities, colleges, institutes of various countries i.e. Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus, U.K. and so many. The most convincing factor of this consultancy can be attributed to its high-level visa approval at minimum cost and resources.

In a very short span of time this consultancy has exceptionally progressed and proved its dominance in the field of immigration to Australia, New Zealand and Canada in all the categories i.e. General, Business and Investor with high facilities at lowest possible cost, free assessment and post landing services.

The latest venture of this consultancy is in the field of IELTS and TOEFL coaching classes for the aspirants. These qualifying tests are equally important from overseas education point of view. The consultancy has recruited New Delhi based faculties and study material of international standards to teach and guide the students to achieve their goals.


The objective is to work and cooperate with the ethics of togetherness and mutual understanding to sustain this sector related to enhancement of human life chances, betterment of their future existence, and finally their allround prosperity and development.

Final Approach & Vision

The ABV is bound and committed to make their presence felt in India by extending its help and utmost cooperation in all the required fields i.e. marketing and promotional activities, time to time seminars, regular feed backs etc. to send students to their universities and institutes to study as more as it can with majority of share and profit for them.

In India, it has become an established and proved factor in this exceptionally highly competitive market, the companies’ continuous advertisements and other promotional activities play the most crucial, ultimate and deciding steps to remain exposed throughout and to be in the air all the times.

The Crux

Since time immemorial, the human has striven hard to find his ways to go and options to decide. We, the overseas consultants are one of the mediums to show them paths leading to their desired destiny to make their dreams real with utmost honesty, morality, attitude and vigor. We must sustain this holy gesture and sentiments and should continue winning their trust and confidence.


  • ABV has the most modern office with the state of art means of communication network.
  • ABV has high rate of success.
  • ABV is the most renowned, professional, trustworthy education and Immigration Company in India.
  • ABV provides evaluation of qualification from professional association of the concerned countries to enable a powerful impact on visa officer.
  • ABV prepares exclusive presentation reports as per education and immigration rules and regulations for submission to concerned embassies/high commissions.
  • ABV spares no efforts to prepare a client for visa interview.
  • ABV has a fee structure design for everyone’s convenience and has an installment plan.
  • ABV refunds 100% of professional fee paid to the country if visa is denied.
  • ABV provides complete pre-departure orientation.
  • ABV suggests pre-departure study courses for better opportunity/salaries for immigrants.
  • ABV believes in Changing Lives and Improving Life.
  • ABV has highest rated comprehensive consultancy in this region.